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@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ A collection of configurations and scripts for use with [DiscworldMUD](http://di
For reference, I host this configuration on a Linux VPS and thus am able to "take over" the Tmux session as I move between devices/lose internet without being disconnected from the game. This may help to explain some decisions made.
## Features and Bits
@ -103,6 +103,25 @@ Results for gatherables matching "thyme".
[7]: some thyme found in cottage herb garden, Ramtops Regions
##### Search Filter By Area
>`db room temple {djb}`
>`db npc guard {am}`
>`db npcitem sword {ramtops}`
All of the above searches (room, npc, npcitem, item) are filterable by area, just include the area name in curly braces after your search terms. See below for a breakdown of possible areas.
bp/bes pelargic
sto plains
#### Speedwalking
* Files: `src/`, `src/gmcp.tin`, `src/quow.tin`
* Route-finding logic and of course the database taken directly from [Quow's]( lovely MUSHclient package.
@ -158,6 +177,19 @@ RuhsSpeedRun: s;e;e;n $*$
We found a way there, and our speedwalking alias was updated. Now typing `speedwalk` would walk us over to the Mended Drum (s;e;e;n).
#### Thiefey Things
* File: `src/quota.tin`
Parses the output of 'read quota brief'. I recommend adding this to the .afterinventory alias of your thief characters so it kicks in right away. Has a number of different features:
##### Status Bar Quota Time Left
Shows a HOURS:MINUTES countdown until your quota is due in the top bar near the TPA/XP monitors. This timer changes to a bright color when you near the final hour.
##### Quota Flipping Alerts
A bright blue alert pops up an hour, thirty minutes and ten minutes before your quota flips over. There is a follow-up alert when your quota actually flips. On a per-session basis these alerts can be disabled with `quota alert off` and re-enabled with `quota alert on`.
##### Left to Steal Calculation
When you 'read quota brief' a new line will be inserted calculating how much you have left to steal.
#### Hunting Hotspot Timers (with Syncing!)
* File: `src/spottimers.tin`
@ -228,13 +260,23 @@ The syncing is done via a `tell` in game, and works between both my tt++ and MUS
Note that because the tell containing sync information is full of lengthy unix timestamps, you'll need to make sure to set your `cols 999` in-game before having another player sync to you (this is only needed on tt++, MUSH handles this gracefully).
#### Group Shield Monitor
* File: `src/group.tin`
Actions/Triggers capture the shield-status of your groupmates and keeps track of who is protected by what. These get written to a file in grid-form for display in the UI and are also displayed by command in the regular output.
##### See group shields
> `sgs`
Shows the grid of allies and their shields in the MUD window. I use this when on mobile/small-terminal and don't have the grid up in its own pane - useful because its unaffected by queued commands unlike a fresh "group shields".
##### Reset group shields
> `rgs`
Clears out all current group shield data, and then runs "group shields" again to refresh itself. The system isn't perfect, if something is wonky, use this to get a fresh start.
### Highlights/Actions/Other
* HP loss and XP gain notifications
* Dagger/Unarmed outgoing attacks
* Outgoing special attempts/lands/fails
* Outgoing backstabs
* Incoming attacks
* Shelox fight highlights
* TPA shield drops
* T-Shop rooms
* Snatch/Filch
@ -258,8 +300,6 @@ You can find Quow's work on his website: <>
### Oki
I've never even met Oki in game, but I stumbled upon their repository of tintin scripts some time ago and happily copied some of their magic/combat substitutions and highlights for my own use.
There's some cool stuff in here I haven't gotten around to copying over yet but plan to, like Thief quota monitoring etc.
You can find Oki's repository here: <>