Brandon Cornejo binaryatrocity

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My personal site ( (

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Updated 5 months ago

The aptly named.

Updated 8 months ago

Updated 9 months ago

Script to create a flask project skeleton in my desired format. Configs from file, basic SQLAlchemy with default sqlite3 db, Makefile, app blueprint separation, etc.

Updated 11 months ago

TinTin++ Configs for DiscworldMUD

Updated 1 year ago

Prototype website for VPN service, Bitcoin payments via the API

Updated 1 year ago

TinTin++ setup for Aardwolf MUD

Updated 1 year ago

A viewer reward and games system.

Updated 1 year ago

DotaNoobs main site.

Updated 1 year ago

Tiny IRC bot for #dotanoobs, prints dota match history to channel and more.

Updated 1 year ago

Track items sold and graph profit for player shop inventory.

Updated 1 year ago