TinTin++ Configs for DiscworldMUD
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cd ~/documents/MUD/Discworld
# No existing discworld session? Then create one
if [[ ! $(tmux ls -F '#S') =~ discworld ]]; then
# Flag that we've just created a session
# Zero out log files to keep size down
# rm logs/minimap.log && touch logs/minimap.log
# rm logs/mapdoortext.log && touch logs/mapdoortext.log
# rm logs/chat.log && touch logs/chat.log
# Start a new tmux session named "discworld"
tmux new-session -d -A -D -s discworld
# If we're in TMUX, or we just created a new session, make a layout
if [ -n "$TMUX" ] || [ "$DISC_SESSION_CREATE" = "1" ]; then
# Kill any existing panes but the one we're "starting" in if in tmux already
if [ -n "$TMUX" ]; then
tmux kill-pane -a -t discworld:0.0
# Create the chat monitor window on top
tmux split-window -v -b -l 4
tmux send-keys 'clear && tail -fs .5 logs/chat.log' 'C-m'
# Did we ask for the full layout?
if [[ $1 == "full" ]]; then
# Horizontal split and load spottimers
tmux select-pane -t discworld:0.0
tmux split-window -h -l 28
tmux send-keys './bin/dt' 'C-m'
# Splice a section for group shield monitor
tmux split-window -v -p 50
tmux send-keys './bin/grp' 'C-m'
# Place the ASCII map at the bottom
tmux split-window -v -p 50
tmux send-keys './bin/map' 'C-m'
# Cut back to main window, vertical split for mapdoortext
tmux select-pane -t discworld:0.0
tmux split-window -v -b -l 5
tmux send-keys './bin/mdt' 'C-m'
# Select main pane again and load TinTin++ with our config
tmux select-pane -t discworld:0.0
tmux send-keys 'clear && tt++ -G config.tin' 'C-m'
if [ -z "$TMUX" ]; then
echo "Not already in TMUX, so let's attach"
# If we aren't already inside of TMUX, then attach to our session
tmux -2 attach-session -t discworld -d