TinTin++ Configs for DiscworldMUD
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#CLASS {combat} {kill};
#CLASS {combat} {open};
#VARIABLE {my_attacks_color} {orange};
#VARIABLE {enemy_attack_color} {red};
#NOP ==[Me Attacking Them]==
#HIGHLIGHT {^You {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}{thrust|snick|fillet|poke|chop up|chop|jab|scratch|boot|kick|hit|tickle|hack|prick|shred|nick|cut|stab|perforate|pierce|impale|slice|skewer|take} {a sliver off |into |}%1{'?s?} %2 {on|with} %3} {$my_attacks_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}stab %1 {deeply |}in %2 with %3} {$my_attacks_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You stab %1 right through %2's %3} {$my_attacks_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}{poke|kick|punch|jab|boot|tickle|kick out} %1 in %2} {$my_attacks_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You {punch|kick out} at %1 but {his|her} %2 absorbs {some|most} of the blow\.$} {$my_attacks_color};
#NOP ==[My Specials]==
#HIGHLIGHT {^You attempt to prepare %1} {bold red};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You prepare to {stab|slice|trip|shove|impale|kick|punch} %2} {bold green};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You attempt to launch a powerful attack. %1} {bold red};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You launch a powerful attack. %1} {bold green};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You launch a powerful attack, landing a %1} {bold green};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You try to {trip|shove} %1} {bold red};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You shove %1} {bold green};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You trip %1} {bold green};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You lose the moment.} {bold red};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You {skillfully |silently|}sneak around %1 without being spotted and manage to catch %w by surprise.$} {bold green};
#HIGHLIGHT {^You hold your cover as you {skillfully |silently|}sneak around %1 and manage to catch %w by surprise.$} {bold green};
#NOP ==[Them Attacking Me]==
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 but your %2 absorbs {some|most} of the blow.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 runs you through the %2 with %3.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}{poke|chop|jab|scratche|boot|kick|hit|tickle|hack|prick|shred|nick|cut|stab|perforate|pierce|impale|slice|skewer}s %w %3 into your %4.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}{poke|chop|jab|scratche|boot|kick|hit|tickle|hack|prick|shred|nick|cut|stab|perforate|pierce|impale|slice|skewer}s your %2 {into pieces |}{with|on} %w %4.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}{poke|chop|jab|scratche|boot|kick|hit|tickle|hack|prick|shred|nick|cut|stab|perforate|pierce|impale|slice|skewer}s into your %2 with %w %3.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}{poke|chop|jab|scratche|boot|kick|hit|tickle|hack|prick|shred|nick|cut|stab|perforate|pierce|impale|slice|skewer}s you {deeply |}in the %2.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 {viciously |messily |barely |neatly |}{poke|chop|jab|scratche|boot|kick|hit|tickle|hack|prick|shred|nick|cut|stab|perforate|pierce|impale|slice|skewer}s you {deeply |}in the %2 with %3.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 pierces your %2 with %3.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#HIGHLIGHT {%1 hitting your %2.$} {$enemy_attack_color};
#CLASS {combat} {close};