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{% extends "layout.html" %}
{% block title %}Profile - {{ user.nickname }}{% endblock %}
{% block content %}
<div class="uk-grid" data-uk-grid-margin>
<div class="uk-width-2-3">
<h2 class="uk-float-left"><img class="" src="{{ user.avatar }}" />&nbsp;{{ user.nickname }}</h2>
<div class="uk-width-1-3 uk-text-center">
<a href="{{ user.steam_id | safe }}">Steam</a> |
<a href="{{ | safe }}">Forum Profile</a> |
<a href="{{ user.steam_id }}">Dotabuff</a>
<!--Main content area -->
<div class="uk-width-large-2-3 uk-width-medium-1-1 uk-panel">
{% if user.bio_text == None %}
<em class="uk-text-danger">This user's profile bio is empty!</em>
{% else %}
<em class="uk-text-bold">{{ user.bio_text }}</em>
{% endif %}
{% if == %}&nbsp;<a href="{{ url_for('user_settings')}}"><i class="uk-icon-edit"></i></a>{% endif %}
<!-- Side bar -->
<div class="uk-width-large-1-3 uk-width-medium-1-1 uk-panel uk-panel-box uk-panel-box-secondary">
<div class="uk-container-center uk-text-center">
<span class="uk-text-bold">Current Hero</span><br/>
<span>{{ user.random_hero['localized_name'] }}</span><br/>
<a href={{ url_for('user_random_hero', }}>
<img src="{{ url_for('static', filename=hero_image_large(user.random_hero)) }}" class="dn-hero-icon" /><br/>
<span>View A-Z Progress</span>
<ul class="uk-list uk-list-space uk-list-striped">
<li>Points: <span id='points_total'>0</span></li>
<li>Last Seen: <span id='date'></span></li>
<li>Heroes Randomed: <span id='rands'>{{ user.random_heroes.completed | length }}</span></li>
{% endblock %}