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  Brandon Cornejo 479236e93a remove debug from room search 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 7dc0cc7e13 moar readme updates 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 45208414dc merge remote readme changes 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 55246dcdd3 Update readme file 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 090e539875 add {area} search param to db queries 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo c82e391529 Spot timer group-spots fix 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 594252cb8c Mission times fix, dead letter bugfixes 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 7c132d3ce4 various bugfixes 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 59a85ed6ce Check by difficulty, define search string for when it doesnt match letter string 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 3047093255 Add CTF global channel and Informs to chat log 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 7ac5d978da auto-cols for skills/speak/lang/who/help/nickname/spells/rituals/group status commands 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 9160a7671b Add various highlights for Shelox fight 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 347911f2fc MDTconfig player_value, dt watch change 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 21c6ea7c1d Do a NPC search when we match a letter target 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 3e77f0788c
Update README.md 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo f1ed004711
Update README.md 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo a635c94177 filch/snatch actions, self-tpa update in group shield minitor, various fixes 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 029c20cfe9 add timestamps to logged channels 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 1324bc1217 minesolve python oneliner alias to determine pickaxe/hammer strikes needed 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo 322527753e Upate Discworld file, add full/compact layouts 1 year ago
  Brandon Cornejo dd9139795c Quota show value left to steal 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo bfe214e548 bin folder 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo ffcf8e41ba log cleanuppp 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 7ea522d250 Log cleanup 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 0c549bf3de Quota timer, in prompt, reset on new login 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo abc77da785 Dead letter mission timers 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 67ee58d27b Color point values in MDT output 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 6378b26750 Binaries for all extra windows 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo d4516b02b1 Sausage mission timers, distortion highlights 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 704bda1c20 colourpalette alias, 'talker log on/off' for chat window 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 279b76c56c More copperhead triggers, remove npc highlights (use MDT now) 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 0179b0ce3b Group shield monitor, keyboard macros 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 09296dc48d Working sausage mission timers, backstab highlights 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 445226ad14 Show number of steps in speedwalk 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 89790fe231 Bad route fix, npcitem table query 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 724a354e7d README image 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 4f282e385e Readme updates 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 0ffd66a4d6 Updates, add README.md 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo b147b8cac8 Speedwalking tool, npc/item/room search+walk 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 9f2a82d7b3 Ignore updates for logs 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 0c0cdc1d39 Gemcutting highlights 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 6084cd474a Map Door Text parser, beta mission timers 2 years ago
  Brandon Cornejo 097359246c start 2 years ago